Kef Kht3005 Se (Kht3005)(Video Review)cheap Egg 5.1 Av Speakers

Kef KHT3005SE (KHT3005)(Video Review)Cheap Egg 5.1 AV Speakers



Review Of The Black Gloss KEF KHT-3005SE 5.1 Av Home Cinema System With The HTB2SE Active Subwoofer

This is a short review of the multi award winning AV speaker system from KEF, known as the KHT3005SE. This system consist of six key components, these include four KHT3005SE satellite speakers, one HTC3005SE centre speaker and a new and improved HTB2SE active subwoofer.

The KEF KHT3005SE is a high performing multipurpose black gloss home theatre system. This system has been produced to the highest standard and will compliment any living space and AV set up. The black gloss finish complements the latest AV equipment matching the latest LCD and Plasma television. This KEF KHT-3005SE system is by far the best compact Av speaker system currently on the market.

The satellite speakers in the system are stylishly curved to make sure the KHT3005SE looks as good as it performs. Within the cast aluminium curved black gloss enclosures you will find the latest KEF speaker technology including their exclusive Uni-Q driver and tweeters. The Uni-Q technology evenly distributes sound around the room, which means to will experience super sound quality regardless of where you are sitting in a room.

Small changes and tweaks have been made to the technology within the speakers of the KHT3005SE to make them more sensitive, delivering a superior sound quality with every aspect of audio. The satellite speakers in the KHT300SE perform outstandingly whether you are listening to music, or watching an action film, adapting it to compliment the audio source.

There is more to the design of the KHT3005Se speakers than meets the eye, not only do they look great, their shape and design has acoustic benefits too. The curved design has been tested against straight speakers, proving that the curve is important. There are also distinctive ribs on the speaker this improves the speakers rigidity, producing a clean, natural and smooth sound. The grills on the front of the speakers are magnetic and can be removed with ease, to suit your own personal taste.

If five speakers are not enough for you then you can buy the KHT3005SE speakers in pairs separately, if you want to add to your cinema system creating 7.1 and 9.1 speaker arrangements.


The ideal set up for a 5.1 speaker set up is to have the centre speaker at the front, under or above the LCD TV, plasma television or projector screen. The centre speaker is a very important aspect of the speaker system as it carries around 60 per cent of the sound including the dialog. That is why the HTC3005SE comes with its own dedicated centre speaker. Compared to the standard satellite speakers in the KHT3005SE system the centre speaker is slightly larger, with an increased power handling for extra punchy sound. The two pairs of satellite speakers are used as front and rear speakers. The front speakers sit on either side of the TV and the rear speakers ideally need to be behind the viewer. The rear speakers really kick in when you are watching a film; you can really appreciate what is going on around the character as the KHT3005SE puts you in the centre of the action.

The HTB2SE is the 250w active subwoofer in the KHT3005SE speaker system. The unit well not disappoint and can perform to the highest standards all day if need be. Depending on space the subwoofer can be placed vertically or horizontally if need be. The KEF KHT3005SE AV speaker package is the ultimate and compact speaker system and is definitely worth buying.

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Product Features

-Design Satellite – Two-Way Bass reflex, Centre – Three-Way Closed box

-Drive Units Satellite – 115mm (4.5in.) Uni-Q array with 19mm (0.75in.) aluminium HF, Centre-115mm (4.5in.) Uni-Q array with 19mm (0.75in.) aluminium HF, 2 x 75mm (3in.) LF

-Crossover Frequencies Satellite – 2.2kHz, Centre – 500Hz, 2.2kHz

-Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) Satellite – 88dB, Centre – 90dB

-Frequency Response (+/-3dB) Satellite – 70Hz – 55kHz, Centre – 65Hz – 55kHz

Maximum Output Satellite – 108dB, Centre – 110dB

-Input Impedance 8 Ohms

-Magnetic Shielding Yes

-Internal Volume Satellite – 1.8litres, Centre – 2.4litres

-Power Handling 100W

-Weight Satellite – 2.0kg (4.5lbs), Centre – 2.6kg (5.8lbs)

-Dimensions (H x W x D) Satellite – 245 x 125 x 150 mm (9.6 x 4.9 x 5.9 in.), Centre – 130 x 300 x 185 mm (5.1 x 11.8 x 7.3 in.)

-Finishes High gloss black, High gloss silver

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Kef Kht3005 Se (Kht3005)(Video Review)cheap Egg 5.1 Av Speakers
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