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Submitted by: Dominic Toretto

NinjaProxy is a web based on Proxy Server with high anonymous proxy service. However, nowadays many public places, where students and businessmen and even some countries do not want you to have full access to enjoy the internet. They filter out many sites that do not want you to access it. Buth dont worry about that, with your browser and also with free web proxy service from NinjaProxy, you can browse your favorite web sites anonymously and also safely.

Accessing blocked sites and privacy are two important advantages that can be enjoyed from your ninjaproxy use. This is a free web-based proxy. Companies and educational institutions around the globe erected firewalls and filters in their systems to block or filter access to websites such as Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and many others. These structures also use software that can track your online activity, Thus, intrusion of privacy. This obstruction and intrusion can be addressed through the use of ninjaproxy.


This server is a free unblocker website that can be used in schools, offices or any other place to allow you to surf the Internet without disclosing your identity. Using NinjaProxy, you can browse the Web using an intermediary that inhibits third party from the collection of personal data. This acts as a two-way mirror between you and the website you are visiting, you go to the site while remaining incognito. All you have to do is type a URL then hit the ‘Browse’! This tool secures yourself and protect your personal information especially when in public networks.

We have the right and responsibility to maintain our privacy and personal data. This means that we should be able to protect our internet connection from viruses, malicious scripts, worms, trojan, etc. The Internet is an unsafe place, so we are always careful about what we are sharing. NinjaProxy is not just a regular proxy, but also protect yourself from any threat of recording tracks and total comfort for a fast browsing anonymously..

We fetch the page you want and send it back to you – you only connect to our server so any filters which block particular URLs can be bypassed and you never have to communicate directly with the target server. Enter the web address in the form bar above and hit Surf Now !

It is possible to hide your real IP address on the Web by using an anonymous Proxy Server. A proxy acts as an intermediary, routing network packets between your computer and the Internet. Hiding information such as your IP address from web servers with NinjaProxy and makes your browsing experience 100% anonymous.

Just to share with you, We work on high-speed Proxy Server and you will get fast and reliable protection to ensure your personal data is safe. You can feel the different, more freedom, more comfort. U know what ? No need to spend money from your pocket and enjoy for free. Just type url you want to visit and get your freedom.

About the Author: internet marketer who independently handle the various fields of business on the internet.


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Ninja Proxy Ninja Cloak Proxy Server
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