What Are Bail Bonds?

byAlma Abell

Bail bonds are ways of helping a person who was arrested and charged with a crime to gain release from jail. If a person is arrested for DUI or any crime for that matter there will be an amount set to gain temporary freedom, this amount can be preset as normally is the case with DUI or set by a judge, the amount set is called bail. If the amount of bail set is in excess of what the individual can pay it is possible to arrange DUI bail bonds in St Paul MN. The bonding agency pays the amount to the court and in return, the individual who was arrested pays a fee for the service. In many cases the fee is pre-paid as the accused puts up a certain amount of the bail and the agency puts up the rest. Once the accused shows up in court and the case is adjudicated the full amount is returned to the bonding agency, the amount that was initially put up by the accused is kept as the fee.

The amount of DUI bail bonds in St Paul MN is normally set by a judge but for first offences the amount is often preset. A lot has to do with the seriousness of the crime; if innocent bystanders were injured or another vehicle was involved the amount of bail will be set commensurate with the seriousness. When bail is set, either by the judge or from a preset amount the accused has the option of paying the bail and gaining temporary freedom by taking the amount from his own pocket or by seeking the services of a bondsman. As bail is often set higher than many people can afford, they often seek a bondsman.

Agencies that offer DUI bail bonds in St Paul MN exist to help those who have been arrested posy bail so that they can avoid having to remain in jail until their trial. As such it is common for bail bond agencies to post their contact details in the area; common places to see bail bond agencies are around police stations, court houses and jails. If the bondsman agrees to posting bail on behalf of someone accused of a DUI or other crime then the person arrested only has to pay a percentage of the bail amount while the bonding agency pays the balance. When the accused appears in court the full amount of the bail is paid to the bondsman who keeps the amount put up by the accused as the fee.

In the event you were arrested and charged with DUI you may need help raising the bail money to get you temporary freedom. DUI bail bonds in St Paul MN are available from Liberty Bail Bonds.

What Are Bail Bonds?
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